From camping tents to global production: The journey of LANCO in sheltering the future

From camping tents to global production: The journey of LANCO in sheltering the future

Established in 1953, in Hannover, Germany, LANCO started its journey with camping tents but quickly transited to professional ones. Steel frame and then inflatable tents in the 60s, aluminum frame tents ever since the 70s, decontamination systems during the 90s, all sheltering the future, business growth, progress towards success and changes in technology.

In 2005, a new manufacturing unit was set up in Romania, on the old Romanofir platform, a well-known and loved national brand for the manufacturing of sewing thread. While complying with the same quality standards we gradually increased production capacity (facilities on over 10.000 m2 ) the number of employees to over 200 nowadays.

Little by little, we have been joined by talented people from Italy and we officially opened our Rome office in 2007. As a consequence, the number of projects on the peninsula has increased significantly with LANCO being recognized nowadays as THE supplier for the exoskeleton tent.

ROFI and LANCO have worked closely together since 2013, when LANCO started to manufacture part of ROFI's product lineup. After 4 years of strong partnership, LANCO Group acquired ROFI, and the Norwegian camp solutions, as well as the ballistic and demining protection equipment, became a natural addition to our product ranges.

2022 was effervescent in terms of international market expansion with two new subsidiaries launches:  a new office in Paris, France and the opening of our first North American office in Charlotte North Carolina.

Market expansions bring along accelerated growth, and we have what it takes to sustain it: a clear sense of purpose, a strong culture, the necessary structure and talent, the know-how, as well as the physical resources: premises and equipment. And we certainly won’t stop here. And we are definitely ready for what lies ahead.