The International Marathon Sibiu & how we support big dreams

The International Marathon Sibiu & how we support big dreams

LANCO Romania was proud to partner once again with the International Marathon of Sibiu, Romania's biggest fundraising sports event, between May 25th – 26th 2024. 

The 13th edition of the International Marathon of Sibiu 

This year's edition marked the 13th year of the marathon, and it was a huge success. Nearly 9.000 runners, along with 650 volunteers, came together to support 51 local causes. The event transformed Sibiu into a vibrant city filled with energy and enthusiasm for an entire weekend!  

At LANCO Romania, we believe in giving back, and we're always looking for opportunities to support the local community. Sibiu International Marathon was a perfect way to combine our commitment to health and wellness with our passion for making a positive impact. 

LANCO Romania teaming up for the races 

While we may not all be professional athletes (we at LANCO Romania readily admit some of us are more “hearty” than “sporty”), that didn't stop 22 of our amazing colleagues from lacing up their running shoes and signing up for the Marathons races. Our colleagues participated in the races with the goal to raise funds for a local project aiming to build a new playground for children at a local kindergarten.  

Having fun and supporting our cause 

As the main goal of the event was fundraising, we took our jobs seriously and played with all the people who joined the event and visited our tent in the Large Square of Sibiu. But we weren't just there to play, although our tent buzzed with laughter and friendly competition the entire weekend. Every point scored in the game and every round played fueled a fantastic aim: raising funds for our cause. 

Thanks to the combined efforts of our team and all people who visited our tent during the event, the project we supported surpassed its fundraising target! We are thrilled to play a part in helping small communities achieve their big dreams and spend time together as a team.