Negative Pressure System Designed, Engineered & Manufactured by LANCO Group

Negative Pressure System Designed, Engineered & Manufactured by LANCO Group

Building on our experience with COLPRO systems with positive overpressure (keeping people protected from dangerous agents from the outside) our COLPRO expert, Holger Büricke, with the help of our design, engineering, and manufacturing teams, developed our Negative Pressure System.

The ROFI negative pressure system is usable for isolation of infected patients in the case of a pandemic situation or other situations where people need to be isolated and there is a threat that bacteria or viruses infect the environment or persons outside the unit.

The system presented in the images below is built in a RAPID tent, but it can be pretty much fit into most of the inflatable or aluminum frame tents LANCO Group manufactures. ROFI RAPID tents, however, are preferred due to their easy handling, reliability, and low maintenance needs.

The unit creates a negative pressure environment through our CLADIS G100 Air filtration unit that has a negative pressure between 10 and 60 Pa and an air flow of up to 1100 m3/ hour. Depending on the size of the system, we calculate the number of air filtration units needed to keep the environment safe.

The ROFI RAPID tent is equipped with a special chemical and biological resistant inner liner to cover the entire tent skin. This specific project also required single patient cabins to isolate patients from the rest of the area. One cabin was designed for each field between 2 arches, with 2 zipper-fitted doors each to ensure safe access and exit for the medical personnel. Since the tent is a ROFI RAPID 608, 4 cabins were fitted. All single patient isolation rooms are optional and independent form the tent or one another. If, for instance, only 3 are needed, 1 can be easily removed, increasing the open space available.

The airlock is a transitional area that permits the passage of people between environments (shelter interior and the surroundings) without compromising air integrity. ROFI airlock consists of a small chamber with two airtight doors in series which do not open simultaneously. All our tents support an attachable single or double airlock with or without decontamination systems and several chambers per customer requirements.

The airlock is connected to the inner liner of the tent to guarantee a sealed connection. The doors of the airlock have air openings to guarantee the right amount of air into the system depending on the size and air flow rate of the G100 Air Filtration Unit. The negative pressure system can be fitted with AC/heating and lights.

No matter how extraordinary your requirements, we are solutions providers and can supply you with a fully-integrated negative pressure unit.