Designing an inflatable hangar for repair needs and challenging climates

Designing an inflatable hangar for repair needs and challenging climates

Our challenge in this project was to design and deliver an inflatable hangar that would serve as a repair tent, had to withstand challenging climates, to maintain internal temperature around +16°C in cold conditions (-30°C external temperature) and +22°C in hot conditions (+40°C external temperature), be waterproof, and offer easy replacement of components subject to wear or damage.

The production, technical, and purchasing departments worked together to analyze the customer's requirements and develop the best approach. They selected our AZM low-pressure inflatable tents, which are known for their stability, generous interior volume, and high transportability. Inflatable tents offer a reduced weight when compared to metal frame structures of similar size and performance. This advantageous feature simplifies transportation and deployment.

The tent and its equipment were designed to withstand extreme weather, including heavy rain up to 1000 mm/m², a snow load of 25 kg/m² and wind gusts up to 80 km/h.

To enhance thermal insulation and improve comfort, the inflatable hangar is equipped with an inner insulation liner. This liner consists of multiple sections made from fire-retardant fabric with excellent thermal insulation properties. The insulation liner plays a crucial role in reducing energy consumption by helping to maintain ideal temperatures inside the tent in accordance with external climatic conditions.

The hangar successfully fulfilled the customers' requirements by offering key features such as the ability to relocate, adaptability to various climatic conditions, low maintenance requirements, and efficient utilization of space.

The successful delivery and use of the inflatable hangar repair tent strengthened the partnership we have with our customer. The versatility, cost-efficiency, and mobility of inflatable hangars make them essential, especially in military contexts, where adaptability and mobility are crucial factors.