Infectious disease treatment module based on our AZF

Infectious disease treatment module based on our AZF

Increasingly frequent and faster-spreading infectious disease epidemics are fueled by climate change, population growth, unplanned urbanization, and global interconnectedness. That is why INITIATE² (initiative that unites emergency responders, research institutions, and academia to develop innovative solutions and training for health emergencies) needed to develop a rapidly deployable treatment module to complement existing facilities, ensuring quality care during emergencies.

LANCO manufactured and deployed in the field in less than 3 months a prototype of the IDTM (Infectious Disease Treatment Module). Our AZF low-pressure inflatable tent was redesigned to fit the need for increased space capacity, with a climate-responsive and energy-efficient design, easy constructability for quick setup and minimal local maintenance requirements.

The inflatable structure was built to withstand at least 80 km/h wind resistance on every surface and the system design ensured improved natural ventilation that would limit contaminant dispersion in the multiple IDTM configurations settings.

To ensure adequate visibility to patient isolation rooms, transparent screens were provided, all fitted with manipulation gloves apertures, designed to cover the broadest anthropometric constraints and ensure the care takers’ ability to perform their roles accurately and safely.

Each tent was supplied with an inflation system which includes the electrical pump and the hose system needed for simultaneous inflation of all arches for a swift and easy setup.

This innovative solution will be the standard in support of readiness and response capabilities in health emergencies.