Container equipped with all necessary tools for logistic support delivered by LANCO

Container equipped with all necessary tools for logistic support delivered by LANCO
This week the firefighters of the Caraș-Severin Inspectorate for Emergency Situations were delivered a container for logistic support fully equipped by LANCO Romania. Our representative, Mihai Sima, performed the training for the safe efficient use of all the materials included in the delivery. 
The container is equipped with the necessary tools to organize and carry out in good condition long-term interventions in emergency situations:
  • one communications tent
  • two shower tents
  • one multi-purpose tent. Depending on the needs arising during interventions, this tent can be used as a 2C tent, for staff accommodation, for serving meals, for storing goods and equipment, or as a medical point.
The tents can be mounted in a few minutes on any type of terrain thanks to their pneumatic structure and are provided with:
  • lighting system
  • air conditioning system
  • folding table and chair sets
  • an instant water heater that runs on diesel (for the tents with shower systems)
Our environmentally friendly mobile shower systems are equipped with suction pumps that deliver the wastewater directly into flexible tanks that can, subsequently, be discharged into the sewer system.
The complete inventory of the container also includes 3 generators, rescue accessories (ropes, carabiners, etc.), an inflatable boat for ice rescue interventions as well as inflatable floating platforms that can be used to rescue or transport people and goods on unstable surfaces such as water, ice, swampy or sandy soils.
The choice of container equipment solutions was made taking into account the need for robust equipment, easy to use even in hard-to-reach environments. Thus, all the equipment, being of small size and weight, can be transported by off-road vehicles or even by intervention personnel.