Sheltering Hopes: How LANCO's RDT Shelters Make a Difference in Critical Moments

Sheltering Hopes: How LANCOs RDT Shelters Make a Difference in Critical Moments

Imagine disaster striking, displacing thousands. Or, a pandemic emerging, requiring rapid testing and vaccination centers. In these critical moments, swift action and reliable solutions are crucial. This is where LANCO's RDT shelters step in, offering a beacon of stability and comfort when it's needed most.

More than just tents, RDT shelters have earned international recognition for their:

  • Rapid deployment: Assembled in under 10 minutes, they deliver immediate shelter where seconds count.
  • User comfort: Durable and weather-resistant, they provide a safe haven from harsh conditions.
  • Exceptional stability: Withstanding winds up to 120 km/h and snow loads of 50 kg/m2, they offer unwavering reliability.
  • Unmatched versatility: Modular and adaptable, they can be configured for diverse applications, from emergency shelters to field hospitals.
  • Sustainable design: Lightweight and reusable, they minimize environmental impact while maximizing functionality.
  • Easy maintenance: Designed for efficient cleaning and upkeep, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Let's delve into some real-world examples:

Responding to Urgent Needs with the Italian Red Cross: When Italy needed rapid testing and vaccination centres in 2021, LANCO delivered. Our RDT S 54 exoskeleton tents, equipped with inner liners, sunroofs, and complete climate control systems, sprung up at crucial locations like airports and railway stations. This swift action facilitated vital services and helped contain the pandemic's spread.

Providing Refuge for Afghan Refugees: In August 2021, thousands of Afghan refugees arrived in Italy seeking shelter. The Italian Red Cross, already familiar with the RDT shelters' capabilities, sprang into action. Previously supplied shelters were quickly assembled, offering immediate refuge to some of the over 2,000 people during a desperate time. The RDT shelters' ease of use and rapid deployment proved invaluable in this humanitarian crisis.

Strengthening Malaysia's Defense: In 2023, we partnered with Turmaks to contribute to a vital project for the Malaysian Ministry of Defense. Two field hospitals, each equipped with patient wards, operating theatres, and essential medical units, were established using RDT S exoskeleton tents. These shelters provided a robust and adaptable infrastructure, capable of withstanding challenging weather conditions, and ultimately strengthening Malaysia's preparedness for emergencies.

Collaborating with the German Red Cross: Today, we're working hand-in-hand with the German Red Cross to develop next-generation RDT shelters. Their specific requirements – rapid deployment, compact size, and exceptional weather resistance – are guiding our innovative approach. The first prototype is nearing completion, representing a collaborative effort to create a shelter that perfectly aligns with their operational needs.

These are just a few stories showcasing the impact of LANCO's RDT shelters. From disaster relief to emergency healthcare, they provide a vital tool for organizations on the frontlines of humanitarian efforts. We are proud to be part of the solution, dedicated to advancing emergency response capabilities and contributing to a world where shelter and comfort are available in even the most challenging moments.

Want to learn more about how LANCO RDT shelters can meet your specific needs? Explore this product range and its variety of sizes and configurations. Together, we can build hope and resilience in the face of adversity.