Our Trade Shows in 2024 – See where you can find us

Our Trade Shows in 2024 – See where you can find us

Looks like we’re going to be busy this year! The booths are booked, and we're all set to make our mark in various trade shows. We're ready to start networking, engage in discussions about our latest projects, and explore new opportunities that lie ahead.

We are eagerly anticipating the chance to connect with industry professionals, fellow exhibitors, and potential collaborators. It's not just about presenting our products, it's about fostering meaningful connections that pave the way for future collaborations and partnerships. Trade shows are not just platforms to exhibit, they are arenas for discovering fresh possibilities. We are excited about the prospect of engaging in interesting conversations, sparking ideas, and are open to new opportunities. Whether you are an experienced professional in the industry or someone exploring the world of tents and shelters for the first time, we welcome you to join us in this exciting experience.

We’re kicking off the trade show season in Paris, at the Secours Expo! Come see us at our booth and let’s meet in person!

Here are all the other trade shows we'll be attending this year:

NGATN, 22.-24.02.2024, Tennessee, US

NDE, 06.-07.03.2024, Miami, US

Combat Engineer & Logistics, 12.-14.03.2024, Warsaw, Poland

National Hurricane Conference, 26.-27.03.2024, Florida, US

Mine Action, 09.-11.04.2024, Cavtat, Croatia

FDIC, 15.-20.04.2024, Indianapolis, US

RETTMOBIL, 15.-17.05.2024, Fulda, Germany

BSDA, 22.05-24.05, Bucharest, Romania

International Fire & Safety Expo, 22.-24.05.2024, Daegu, South Korea

EUROSATORY, 17.-21.06.2024, Paris, France

DEMC 2024, 22.-23.07.2024, Gold Coast, Australia

Fire Rescue International, 14.-16.08.2024, Dallas, Texas

DALO Industry Days, 21.-22.08.2024, Ballerup, Denmark

AFAC, 03-06.09.2023, Sydney, Australia

Fire Rescue Mittelrhein, 06.-07.09.2024, Koblenz, Germany

EMS World, 09-13.09.2024, Las Vegas, US

Security 2024, 17.-20.09.2024, Essen, Germany

CNSP, 25.-28.09, Macon, France

REAS, 04.-06.10.2024, Montichiari, Italy

FLORIAN, 10.-12.10.2024, Dresden

AidEx, 23.-24.10.2024, Geneva, Switzerland

BAKU Demining, November, Baku, Azerbaijan

IAEM, 15.-21.11.2024, Colorado Springs, US

MIILENG COE Industry Day, December, Ingolstadt, Germany